President Obama is the Ultimate Mean Tweets Reader

This is it. Jimmy Kimmel might as well retire the Mean Tweets segment, because the man for whom this segment was practically created has finally participated. Possibly no one has ever had as many mean things written about them on the Internet than President Obama, so his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t even amount to scratching the surface. I don’t really know how you’d follow it up, so it’s probably time to just hang it up. It was a good segment while it lasted, but at least it went out on the highest low note possible.

Of course, this being network television, the tweets in question were, uh, more subdued than the usual vitriol Obama gets thrown at him, although there is a pretty good “Thanks, Obama” tweet that makes it on. There’s also one tweet about flying Obama to a golf course somewhere and leaving him there, which the president seems on board with. Given all he’s probably had to read about himself (and how grey the dude’s gotten), hard to blame him.


Photo credit: ABC/Jimmy Kimmel Live Show