Telemarketers Harassing You? Then You Need This App

It was quietly one of the hottest apps of 2014, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to—the Whitepages Caller ID & Block app is probably the best weapon yet against telemarketers that get hold of your mobile number.

Like the name implies, you get caller ID, but for both texts and phone calls alike. This draws on Whitepages’ extensive directory of phone numbers, and includes numbers that have been marked as belonging to scammers, spammers and telemarketers. You can have those numbers automatically blocked, or get alerts when one of those numbers tries to contact you. You can also set up your own personal block or alert list to deal with any new nasty numbers that might crop up, and you can contribute to the cause by reporting those numbers to Whitepages.


The Whitepages app also improves the calls you actually want to take. You can use the app to share your location or photos with the person on the other line. You can keep your contact list up to date by either automatically adding Whitepages listings for your contacts or checking out any public social media accounts attached to incoming numbers. All the information gleaned from Whitepages listings and social media accounts is put into a contacts list in the app, which looks a bit like its own social network, except it specifically points out the contacts you don’t want to be friends with. If only all social networks had that feature.

The Whitepages Caller ID & Block app is available now for free for Android smartphones.