Zenreach Makes Offering Free Wi-Fi a Little More Lucrative for Small Businesses

Offering free Wi-Fi at your establishment is usually a reward in itself, if it isn’t a necessity at this point. With sites like Yelp telling everyone whether or not you offer free Wi-Fi, it’s a good bet that quite a few would-be customers are going to stay away if you’re not giving up the goods. So, with free Wi-Fi becoming ubiquitous in bars, restaurants, cafes, and even retail stores, companies like Zenreach are popping up to make the whole enterprise a little more useful for small business owners, too.

Zenreach simplifies offering Wi-Fi to customers while automating your marketing efforts, saving tons of time and money. Small business owners that throw in with Zenreach will get an access point provided, making this service a little handier than others. Using that access point, you can customize your place of business’ Wi-Fi portal, slapping your logo on before having customers sign in with their email address. Once you’ve started a generating a list of customers’ email addresses, you can create marketing emails and have them sent out automatically through Zenreach. If you use security software like AirTight and Meraki WiFi, Zenreach will work with those, too, reducing complications.

Zenreach’s software is the real prize here. Instead of just creating that mailing list for you, it’ll keep track of how often each customer visits and an approximation of how much they’ve spent at your establishment, creating profiles that you can use to create more specific, targeted advertising for different groups of customers. Zenreach also features OpenTable integration, so the software will pull in email addresses from reservations made online and add those to your existing list of customer profiles.

Zenreach makes getting email addresses and sending out targeted advertising a whole lot easier. Now, you’ll have to figure out the hard part—sending out marketing emails that customers actually want to open.