11 Items Every Avengers Fan Should Own

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is hitting theaters on Friday, but we’ve really been experiencing this movie for the better part of three years. Friday’s release is more of an end than a beginning—or, if it’s a beginning, then it’s the beginning of The Avengers: The Infinity War Part I, which will be another full three-year extravaganza. Sooner or later, Robert Downey Jr. is going to give serious consideration to legally changing his name to Tony Stark, if he hasn’t already.

Superhero movies (or any movies that germinated from the geekdom seed) now comprise conventions, trailers, teasers of trailers, rumors, casting announcements, casting grievances, charity events, more rumors, and, of course, the merch. And, while in the back of your mind you’ll know that merch is the real end game now that all of pop culture is owned by Disney, the truth is that merch is the longest-lasting part of the experience. You’ll get tired of watching Age of Ultron after 76 or so viewings, but those vinyl figurines will never stop looking fantastic on your bookshelf.

What we’re saying is, load up on your Avengers merch ahead of the movie because in a few weeks, The Infinity War will start, and then you’re going to have a whole other set of merch to buy.


Age of Ultron Tumbler

The humble tumbler, otherwise known as summer’s thermos, graced by the Age of Ultron Avengers logo.


Sideshow Collectibles Cosbaby Figurines

Sideshow Collectible does a cute take on superhero figurines with their cosbaby line of figurines, which has been updated for Age of Ultron with a set including the Hulk, Iron Man and the Hulkbuster Armor that’s been featured in the trailers. Something tells me the actual fight between the two isn’t going to be as adorable.

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