Inside the Cadillac CT6, a Luxury Sedan Game Changer

We first heard about Cadillac’s new large luxury sedan because of its swanky Bose sound system, but we got to check out the rest of the car at this week’s New York International Auto Show. Turns out, it’s a huge step forward in the luxury department in more ways than one.

Gone are the days of luxury cars being plodding gunboats. Cadillac is trying to join in on the movement toward more powerful, efficient luxury sedans with the CT6, and they’re doing it both inside and outside the car. The frame is built from 11 different materials (mostly aluminum) that, among other things, makes the car much lighter than it otherwise would be. Coupled with the Active Chassis System (available only with the V6 engine), which enables active-on-demand all-wheel-drive, that frame makes the car much more agile at low speeds, so making a simple turn won’t feel like a chore like it does with the big luxury sedans of old.

Under the hood, you’ll be able to choose from a 2.0-Liter I-4 turbocharged engine, a 3.6-Liter V6 engine (both naturally aspirated and with eight-speed automatic transmissions) and an impressive 3.0-Liter Twin Turbo engine, which boasts 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. That’s some serious power for a luxury sedan, and thanks to new cylinder deactivation technology, that engine is just as efficient as it is powerful.

There are loads of connected car features, too. This is GM territory, so you can expect OnStar’s new 4G LTE service, which includes the option of using your car as a Wi-Fi hotspot (keep in mind that service does come with its own monthly fee). That ties into the CUE infotainment system, which is more than worth a mention here. The CT6’s infotainment system is definitely one of the largest we’ve seen, with a 10.2″ 1280 x 720 touch display paired with a separate touch pad on the center console, within reach of the armrest.

Safety features include 360-degree camera views for blind spots that can be made to work as dash cams or security cams if the alarm is triggered. It’ll also include that sweet new rearview mirror we looked at last year, which you can switch from a standard mirror to a live video feed of the rear of the car. Enhanced Night Vision gives you a heat map on your touch display, identifying people and animals up ahead on dark roads—an interesting approach, given how many other car companies we’ve seen go with smart or more powerful headlights for that purpose.

Other interior features include heated seats and a quadzone climate system that can adjust heating and cooling for each seat separately. And, if that wasn’t luxurious enough for you, there’s always the leather, exotic wood and carbon fiber to be found all over the interior, along with a smart lighting system that will activate as you approach the car. Don’t forget that Bose Panaray sound system, either.

Production of the Cadillac CT6 in the United States will kick off at this end of this year with the rest of the luxury car-buying world getting the sedan in early 2016, which includes production taking place in Cadillac’s new factory in China purpose-built for the burgeoning luxury market there.

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