Artist Craola Puts His Mark on the UE BOOM Speaker 

No typo here—Ultimate Ears isn’t getting together with the crayon people (although we’d love to see that), but popular multimedia artist Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. The result is the Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM, the latest in the artist edition line. And, like always, this is going to be a limited run, so better get in while you can.

The new speaker design features an awesome aquatic splash, replete with bright colors and a stark realistic style. It’s a pretty cool design that wouldn’t look out of place in a tattoo parlor, and looks like one of the best members yet of the UE BOOM Artist Edition line, which now numbers six.

The UE BOOM plays the role of canvas well—it’s pretty big for a portable speaker, measuring over 7″ tall. It has the big sound to back it up, too, and is one of the many new speakers coming out that boast 360-degree sound, with individual drivers firing in all directions.

Point is, the Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM sounds as good as it looks, and it looks awfully good. Starting today, UE BOOM is selling a limited production run of 200 for this speaker, so if you like what you see or you’re a fan of Craola’s work, you might not want to wait too long. It’s available directly from Ultimate Ears for $200.