Samsung’s 2015 SUHD TVs Pack in Nano-Crystals

Samsung’s new line of SUHD TVs were the centerpiece of the company’s showing at CES earlier this year. At the Spring Launch event, Samsung announced pricing and availability details for its first production run of those new wonder televisions.

Meant to be Samsung’s flagship line of televisions (the ‘S’ being the same as the one used to denote their flagship phone, the Galaxy S), the new SUHD TVs will run Samsung’s Tizen OS and boast improvements that go beyond upping the pixel density and resolution, using nano-crystal technology and their new Auto-Depth Enhancer algorithm to improve color contrast and depth to get the most out of 4k resolution images.

We spoke to Bill Lee, Vice President of Product Marketing for TVs, about that Auto-Depth Enhancer algorithm. According to Lee, the algorithm “microadjusts many different planes so that you are not seeing a flat picture, you’re seeing a picture that almost looks 3D without the glasses.”

Granted, we’ve seen plenty of 3D TVs over the years that haven’t required glasses, but that’s not quite the comparison to make here. Whereas traditional 3D has always struggled to take off because of its gimmicky nature—save for a very few exceptions, 3D has rarely made anything better, so much as different—Auto-Depth Enhancer technology seeks to create a more natural sense of depth within the picture. The contrast between those microadjusted pixels—shades of difference in color—should create a more immersive picture without being gimmicky.

Lee also talked up the UHD Alliance, the initiative involving every part of the media creation and distribution chain, from Hollywood studios to post production and video editing companies to distributors to, finally, the companies like Samsung that make the TVs and monitors you watch everything on. According to Lee, the UHD Alliance will work “to make sure that anything… 4k UHD abides by a certain set of standards, down to the lexicon, picture quality, really just manufacturing guidelines.” 

So, if you’re still a little unclear on what those television terms mean, that’s why this alliance exists. It’s a way to standardize those terms so that when someone buys something marked 4k or UHD from any brand, like one of these new SUHD TVs, they’ll know exactly what they’re getting.

Samsung’s SUHD TVs will come in sizes between 48″ and 105″ and in both curved and flat models, with prices ranging from $3,000 to over $10,000. Samsung is also releasing more UHD TVs for 2015, also in both curved and flat models, with prices ranging from $950 to $6,000. All of those televisions will show up in stores between now and the end of May.