22 Amazing Hello Kitty Facts

We like to think of ourselves as Hello Kitty experts around here—the mouthpiece that our feline friend needs. But, she’s full of surprises, that one. We’ve had our understanding of Hello Kitty rocked during her career Renaissance of the past few years, and now we’re ready to package up all those knowledge bombs in list form. Consider this Hello Kitty 101.


1. She Has a Last Name

And it’s not Hello Kitty—it’s Kitty White.


2. She’s Not a Cat

The news that really rocked us was Sanrio’s assertion that Hello Kitty is not a cat, but a little girl. Someone at Sanrio walked this back a little afterwards. We don’t know who to trust and Hello Kitty isn’t talking. (Image source)



3. She Wasn’t Born in Japan

She was created by Sanrio, a Japanese company, but her biography has her birthplace as London, where she lives with parents George and Mary and twin sister Mimmy.

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