3D Wallpaper Gives You Motion Sickness at Home

Hey, you know how those found footage horror movie trailers do that thing where they make walls look distorted, like they’re moving? Well, now you can get in on that action in your own home, thanks to these 3D wallpapers!

Design studio twenty2 has gotten together with students and faculty from New York’s Pratt Institute to create 3D wallpapers, so you can make your entire house into a magic eye painting and never leave. The hypnotic wallpapers are completely flat, but use visual tricks to make it look like the petals of flowers or the sails of Viking ships are popping out of the wall. And, fortunately, 3D glasses won’t be required to enjoy your exciting new wall, although you can definitely still use them to get the full effect. Just turn your couch to face the wall, I’m sure no one will think anything of it.

"terrace"  wallpaper ©2004 twenty2 all rights reserved

Five wallpapers are being produced from the collaboration, including the Bloom and Vikingr patterns described above. There’s also Whee!, a roller coaster themed pattern, and the more abstract Forest for the Trees and Falls. All of the wallpapers are printed on clay-coated paper using water-based inks, and are being sold directly from twenty2 for between $58 and $110 per yard.