This Luxurious Leather Dog Collar Packs in NFC

We’ve always said that wearable technology will never really take off unless it proves to be fashionable. Well, that doesn’t just go for people—dogs aren’t going to stand for ugly tech, either! Fortunately, MEMAPets has gotten it right with their ALU Leather NFC Dog Collar, thanks to a simple and stylish design.

The dog collar is made of full-grain leather, with each unit treated with an assortment of waxes, creams, and oils before shipping out. Aircraft-grade aluminum details, including the buckle, round out the look, while rare earth magnets will keep the collar secured. And, of course, there’s the embedded NFC chip, which can store 132 characters of text that you can use to store contact information in case your dog gets lost. You also have the option of having your phone number and your dog’s name printed on the leash attachment on the back, if you want to use those 132 characters for some other reason.


The ALU Leather NFC Dog Collar is available directly from MEMAPets for $130. It’ll cost you $5 to add the NFC chip and $20 to have your dog’s name and your phone number printed, so if you just want a non-tech cool looking dog collar for your furry friend, you can just pass on the options. The aluminum details can be ordered in pink, blue, or space grey.