Gummy Bear Bed is Covered in 26,000 Gummy Bears

I think you can make an exception to that rule about not eating in bed for this mattress—the Gummy Bear Bed is covered by about 26,000 gummy bears. And, with all the colors used, it’s about as delicious as it is psychedelic.

Craig’s Beds, a New York City mattress store, got together with Twelv magazine to create the bed, which took about four weeks to complete. The team took a Summerfield queen-sized mattress and covered it with all the colors of the gummy bear rainbow, including black cherry, wild cherry, yellow mango, green apple, blue rasberry, grape, and orange. The 26,000+ bears were glued onto the mattress, though, so wherever the bed is now, I sure hope someone isn’t actually eating it.


The bed was on display last month at IT’SUGAR on Broadway, and if you happened to see it and thought it looked familiar, that’s because it was based on other piece of gummy bear art. It seems like Twelv magazine has embraced the gummy bear as the next great artistic medium, because their creative team also created the Steve McQueen gummy bear dress a few years ago. They even did a photo and video shoot with a model wearing a similar dress laying on the gummy bear bed! It’s all coming together for the gummy bear art movement.

Who knows where the bed is now, but not to worry—if you missed it, chances are that the team is hard at work planning something bigger and better. Are we going to see a gummy bear house next time? Could happen.