H2PRO is Mophie’s First Waterproof Battery Pack

Mophie is finally taking their battery cases out for a swim. Their Juice Pack for the iPhone 6 is getting a waterproof makeover in the H2PRO, which surrounds that external battery pack in a waterproof shell that protects the entire phone.

The Juice Pack H2PRO is surrounded by rubber, with a thin screen protector protecting the display and secure plugs to protect ports from water damage. Besides being completely waterproof, Mophie has also made sure the case meets military standards for protection against shocks, dust, and dirt. Inside, there’s a 2,750 mAh battery pack that should charge the iPhone 6 at least once over and features pass-through technology that will intelligently charge your phone before the case’s battery when the two are connected.

The Juice Pack H2PRO for the iPhone 6 can be preordered from Mophie now for $130 and will ship later this month.