Exclusive: Hello Kitty Time Capsule Project Arrives in New York City

The Time after Time Capsule has arrived in New York city, and Chip Chick got an exclusive with the artist behind the project, Sebastian Masuda. Masuda is a pioneer of Harajuku’s kawaii culture, and with his latest project, he is hoping to unite the world together with these memory inspired time capsules.

The Time After Time Capsule explores the concept of “Kawaii” (Japanese word for cute) and if it can actually effect global change. Honestly, can there be a better a use of Hello Kitty? Especially a 9 foot version of Ms. Kitty!? The artist has created 10 different capsules that will be placed in 10 different cities around the world “uniting the world together and sharing their futures.” Last year the first “Kawaii” inspired statue was placed in Miami, and this year, one has been erected here in New York, as well as in Amsterdam.

The Hello Kitty time capsule is now on display in New York at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (East 47th Street and Second Avenue) and will continue to be until September 13th, with the official opening time capsule ceremony taking place tomorrow from 1pm to 5pm. In person, we can tell you that the statue is humongous and transparent, and extremely authentic in design.

Everyone is encouraged to insert their memories into colorful objects and place them inside the sculpture. Five years from now, all the capsules will be joined together and will become one massive sculpture unveiled during the Summer Tokyo 2020 Olympics. So while you may not make it to the Olympics, your memories will!

Sebastian Masuda hopes these time capsules will ultimately be “a symbol of a united world.” So we have to ask, what kind of memory would you place inside Hello Kitty?

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