ColorWare’s iPhone 6 Black Widow is Deadly for Your Wallet

Usually, ColorWare puts the creative power in your hands, letting you splash parts of new or used gadgets with paint from the palette they provide. Lately, they’ve been showing off their own design prowess, offering limited edition custom paint jobs—like this KitchenAid mixer! Seriously, these guys will put a fresh coat of paint on anything. Today, you can get in on a very limited edition run of a custom iPhone 6 that we imagine Peter Parker would get in line for.

The iPhone 6 Black Widow edition has black matte back with bright red paint on the Apple logo, the edges, and on a small hourglass logo that looks like the mark of a black widow spider. That matte black bet also has raised ridges in a spiderweb pattern, which looks cool but also pours on the Halloween vibe pretty heavily. Still, if you’re a Spider-man fan or just really dig obscenely venomous spiders, this could be the iPhone for you.

That said, ColorWare only sells unlocked phones, so you know the price tag for this one is going to be up there, in keeping with other ColorWare-painted Apple devices. The Limited Edition iPhone 6 Black Widow is available now for $1600 for a 16 GB model, $1700 for a 64 GB model, or $1,800 for a 128 GB model. Better choose fast—ColorWare is only making 25 of these.