MixRadio’s Free Personalized Music Service is Headed to iOS and Android 

Time was, MixRadio was the default—and free—streaming radio service on Nokia Lumia phones. But, that was a long time ago, and Nokia’s not in the business of phones anymore. But, MixRadio is still around, and now it might just get a larger following thanks to new ownership and some new partners.

MixRadio was once owned by Nokia before being acquired by Microsoft when they bought Nokia’s handset division. Late last year, the increasingly popular messaging app Line announced that it would purchase MixRadio off Microsoft, a sale that has now closed. Line is wasting no time putting their new acquisition to work, announcing a partnership with HTC and bringing the app to iOS and Android.

Although it seems like MixRadio has faltered over the years—currently available in 31 countries, as opposed to the 50 that the service was targeting back in 2011—it’s still free, and its highly touted personalization algorithm that uses your current library of music has improved over the years. That personalization engine will be key in the partnership with HTC, which will use the data it collects to push targeted music news to BlinkFeed on HTC devices.

Otherwise, MixRadio won’t change too much, and will still focus on that personalization engine and their collection of curated playlists and mixes, which can be saved for offline listening. The iOS and Android MixRadio apps are available now for free in their respective app stores, while the Windows Phone version is still available and will continue to be developed. MixRadio will also continue to come pre-installed on current and future Microsoft Lumia smartphones.