Tony Stark Would Approve of These Iron Man Headphones

Because Robert Downey Jr. can only be Iron Man forever in your hearts, Marvel is undoubtedly going to do some mantle passing in their cinematic universe in the near (relatively) future. New Avengers have already started cropping up, with others soon to be introduced in their own movies. So, what we’re saying is, get your Iron Man merch while it’s hot, because pretty soon all you’re going to be able to find is Ant Man and Captain Marvel stuff (it’s cool, we’ll be here to guide you through those waters).


I’d say these headphones look like they got the Hulkbuster treatment, but it looks like they’re Iron Man 3 edition headphones, so there goes that narrative. Either way, they’ve got that red and yellow Iron Man paint job, along with a handy bonus feature—they’re wireless, thanks to Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. The headphones are part of E-Blue’s Armor collection, which, after all the laborious research of a cursory look at the first page of Google results, seems to consist of only these and this admittedly pretty sweet looking Iron Man mouse.

Seems like we’ve got a solid pair of wireless gaming headphones on our hands, but watch out—these Iron Man headphones come with a Tony Stark budget-level price at $324.