Volo’s iPhone Case Might be Cleaner Than You Are

Usually when we hear about sanitized cases, they’re working to keep the germs off your face. These Volo cases might not help much on that front, but if you’ve been having problems with your smartphone cases getting crusty and losing their integrity over time, you might want to give these cases a look anyway.

M²T, the company behind the Volo cases, uses “Sanitized technology to inhibit the spread of microbes, mold and mildew that embed within and eat away at the integrity of smartphone case materials.” Germs getting on your phone is pretty much inevitable, but at least these cases aren’t letting them set up villages and have kids. That helps the cases last longer (at least as long as your phone will last, anyway), and should keep the cases from getting smelly over time.

Other than that, the Volo cases are pretty standard, although there are small rubber feet on the corners so your phone won’t slide around or fall off tables easily. Anti-glare coating on the bevel around the camera lens is also a nice touch. You can get a Volo case for the iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, or Samsung Galaxy S5 in one of seven colors off Amazon for $30.

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