Yurbuds Inspire 300 In-Ear Sports Headphones Review

Earbuds don’t always stay in-ear. Even worse, try running with earbuds and they can feel like they never stay in. The Yurbuds Inspire 300 in-ear wired headphones aim to put an end to earbuds that fall out. These fitness earbuds not only accomplish that, they come with some solid features and an affordable price tag.

The Yurbuds look like pretty regular earbuds; perhaps a bit snazzier in bright red. The most noticeable difference is their eartips. These large eartips look like they’re shaped to fit perfectly inside the ear, and they are. The eartips are made of medical-grade silicon and are designed to avoid the “nerve” rich areas of your ears. They are indeed comfortable. There’s two sets of eartips included and they’re similar in size. Yurbuds has a patent on something they call TwistLock technology, where the eartips can be turned a bit to lock into your ears. It sounds a little more technical than it feels. The important thing to note is they are indeed comfortable, and they stay in quite-well.

Yurbuds are sweat resistant and water resistant. This makes them tough to ruin. Because they’re designed for sport, Yurbuds wanted the earbuds to allow ambient sound. This means you can still hear your surroundings to a certain extent. Depending on how you use them, you’ll probably appreciate this.

There’s an inline ControlTalk button discreetly located just below your chin on the cable. It has a built-in microphone and can control music, make and take phone calls, and access voice activation.

The last notable feature about Yurbuds design is their “Quik Clik” magnets built into the ear buds. The earbuds effortlessly snap together for easy tangle-free storage. That cable itself is a tad stiffer than a standard headphone cable, which also helps make it more tangle resistant than your standard earbuds.

As gym and exercise headphones, the Yurbuds work phenomenally. They really do the trick staying in finicky ears. Jogging, intense lifting, situps, you name it, the Yurbuds will stay in. Also with the water-resistance and affordable price tag, you won’t mind drenching them in sweat. With that said, as regular every day headphones they could sound a little better. While exercising, it’s hard to gripe about sound quality since your focus is elsewhere. Outside of the gym, you may find that the music sounds a bit hallow. The bass actually gets really bassy, but the mid-range audio becomes somewhat muddy and recessed. This was a bit disappointing because these Yurbuds use JBL signature sound. This is more-or-less just a nitpick, if you don’t have high standards for audio you may not notice it.

The Yurbuds Inspire 300 in-ear headphones price out at just $24.95 from Amazon. We were really happy with them for this price point. If your budget is higher, then it’s worthwhile to explore bluetooth sports headphones. Considering Yurbuds actually stay in-ear, are comfortable, affordable, sweat-proof, and come with an inline ControlTalk with microphone, we’d definitely recommend them. Yurbuds Inspire 300 in-ear headphones are currently available in black or red.

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Good: Great value, Affordable, Water-resistant/sweat-resistant, Inline ControlTalk with microphone, Actually stays in-ear during exercise, Magnets in headphones snap together for easy storage, Includes pouch
Bad: Sound a bit hallow with recessed mid-range audio, Alternative ear tips could have been nice.