How to Become a Hermit Using Apps

Silicon Valley’s mission is to disrupt the front door. That can be the only explanation for the barrage of apps designed to guarantee that when you get out of bed, it’s only because you want to or a delivery guy is knocking, thanks to Amazon taking their sweet time in building a network of delivery tubes that pump packages straight into bedrooms. Lazy on their part, really.

But here’s the thing — I’m not sure we’re exaggerating anymore. If you have a gig that lets you work from home, I think you could actually pull it off. You could potentially never leave your apartment. I guess the irony here is that the only places you can be a real hermit are the middle of our largest, most crowded cities (the only places where a lot of these services are available), but hey, counter-intuitiveness is highly valued these days. So, if you are in one of those megacities and really, really hate the sun (and the moon, the stars, trees, animals, other people, etc), we’ve prepared a checklist of apps you can use to go full Howard Hughes.



I guess we’ll start with the things you need so you don’t die — food. Instacart delivers groceries to your door within an hour (for a fee) from local supermarkets and is already in several major cities across the country. Honestly, this one alone gets us most of the way there. (Android, iOS)



Or, you could use the app that aspiring hermits have been relying on for sustenance for nearly a decade. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

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