Chair Cape Turns Your Office Chair into a Superhero

Have you unlocked the true potential of your office chair? You — you pulled the little handle that makes the chair go lower so your feet can touch the ground and the armrests don’t bash into the desk? OK, good. That’s good. But that’s not the most heroic your chair can be, because now you can put a little Batman cape on it.

As you can see on your page-a-day inspirational quote calendar sitting partially obstructed in the corner of your desk, it’s no longer April 1. If it still says April 1, I know you’re behind, just tear off the last two months. You’re probably not going to go back and read them all, and it’ll feel really good to be caught up again. Either way, it’s not April 1, so we know that the Chair Cape is a real thing you can buy — although in 2015, we’re probably in a post-satire world where anything is possible in the world of novelties.

The Chair Cape, which we imagine will become a thriving line of products shortly, will launch with the Batman Classic Chair Cape, a 24″ blue fabric cape with the classic Batman logo on it. There’s an adjustable loop on the other side, so you can affix it to your office chair. That way, your chair has a cape. I don’t know, y’all do y’all.

If you want one, it’s the same deal as the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Weekend Update action figure set — Entertainment Earth will have a limited production run of 2,400 units, with San Diego Comic-con attendees getting first dibs. If you preorder and Entertainment Earth has leftovers after the convention, they’ll ship preorders in the order they were received. You can preorder the Batman Classic Chair Cape for $25, and if you do manage to get in early enough, yours will ship in July.