Watch the Avenger LEGO Shield Helicarrier Get Built in 90 Seconds

Unless you live in a dark, dark hole, than you are probably aware of the fact that the Avengers is currently the greatest comic book inspired movie franchise in the world. So it only seems natural, that the a certain popular construction toy company would bestow upon the world one of their most impressive licensed-themed sets to date – The SHIELD Helicarrier. Completed in 12 hours, over a course of two days, with aching backs and blood shot eyes, we opened over 24 cellophane bags containing a total of nearly 3,000 LEGO pieces to bring to life this amazing model.

Inside these many cellophane bags is a Helicarrier.
Inside these many cellophane bags is a Helicarrier somewhere.

The Shield Helicarrier spans over 11” high, 31” long and 17” wide in its final form. Not all of those plastic LEGO pieces go towards building the carrier, included amongst the 2,996 bricks is 5 minifigures: Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Maria Hill, micro-quinjet airplanes, ground vehicles, 12 microfigures, road blockades, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. eagle stand to show off your hard work.

So how do you put such a massive set together? Thankfully, LEGO included a 400+ page book of instructions that leads you through your numbered bag journey.

The belly of the beast.
The belly of the beast.

Piece after tiny LEGO piece was carefully sorted and put together to create this massive structure. As the hours grew on, it became pretty apparent that LEGO spared no detail. In some cases, all of that detail was completely covered up. Making us wonder what was the purpose of snapping all these unique bricks together in the first place?! Of course it breaks up the monotony of using the same style of LEGO bricks over and over, but in some cases, we have a feeling a little less detail might have gained us a few more hours of our lives back or sleep.

Not only is The Helicarrier made to look like a simple aircraft carrier, but it’s additional accessories truly bring authenticity to this LEGO sculpture. Besides including The Avenger Team (not all team members are included, in fact minifigure versions of Iron Man, The Hulk, and Thor did leave gaping holes in our hearts), the Helicarrier has a few tricks up its sleeve. For example, the Rotors turn manually but if you want to get really fancy, you can buy a Power Function set that include motorized rotors and lights. For now, the manual rotor was just good enough and probably the toughest part of the entire Helicarrier to put together. All told, there are four rotors to construct and each must snap into the Helicarrier correctly in order for the gears to line up, in order for them to turn. Let’s just say, there were times the Helicarrier brought the Loki out of us.

The Shield Helicarrier in all its glory
The Shield Helicarrier in all its glory

In the end, we did run into a few stumbling blocks with the rotors and built-in gears but the end result was absolutely worth it. LEGO truly out did themselves this time around. While we are fans of their Architectural series, you cannot deny the allure of pop-culture theme construction sets. Check out our time-lapse video that shows the build done in less than 90 seconds – we did the heavy lifting for you.

LEGO The Shield Helicarrier is available now and retails for $349.99.

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