Posto is the Headphone Stand We’ve Always Wanted

Where do your headphones go when you aren’t using them? Mine go on the windowsill if they’re lucky. Usually they end up on the ground, mostly because I’m a horribly lazy person. Maybe you’re horribly lazy too, or maybe you just don’t have a good place to put your headphones, perhaps the most fragile of tech accessories. This is where the Bluelounge Posto steps in.

Posto is by no means the first headphone stand, but it sure does look nice. Bluelounge, despite the name, deals almost exclusively in minimalist white products — probably to capture that lucrative Apple demographic, which I’m pretty sure is a discrete demographic now. This stand is no different, with a thin white aluminum bar topped by a silicone-covered headrest. That headrest conforms to the shape of your headphones’ headband when you put them on the stand, for a little extra stability.

It’s a stylish way to help keep your headphones off the ground and in good condition, and it won’t cost you too much, either. Posto is available from Bluelounge in their trademark white and in black for $20.

One Comment

  1. My friends recommend me using the Lumy Lightline 1250 LED desk lamp as a stand for my headphone. Its perfect size, and height. At less than $50, I get a very cool desk lamp and headphone stand.