Power Up Box May 2015 Review and Coupon Code

Power Up Box is one of the newest geek subscription boxes on the market. One of the things that makes Power Up Box unique is that it doesn’t have a set theme for their monthly geek box. As a result, each box is always a surprise, and almost feels like a Christmas morning experience each time. That said, this month, Star Wars was the center piece of our goodie box, along with some other fun items.

Also when we saw the bigger than usual box arrive, we knew it was going to be EPIC! And we weren’t disappointed:

  • Star Wars T-Shirt – This is a very high quality tee made of a nice soft cotton, and it’s quickly  become one of our favorites.
  • Frankenstein Jr & the Impossibles Funko Pop! Vinyl Fig – You may or may not recognize this guy from the 60’s Hanna Barbera futuristic cartoon.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars Notepad and Matching Jumbo Pen.
  • Star Wars Boba Fett Jigsaw Puzzle.
  • Star Wars ComicIssue #004
  • Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy – The included tongs make the worms glow when you grab them!
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Socks – Everyone needs socks, and every geek needs some geeky socks.
  • For Fox Sake Mug – We absolutely love this mug, and can’t help but crack up every time we look at it. We have even had a few co-workers try to steal it while we weren’t looking.

This is our second time receiving a Power Up Box, and once again, we’re very impressed with the assortment of quality items in the box. We’re also not at all sad that the box doesn’t have a theme each month, because the surprises in the box make up for that.

The Power Up Box comes in two sizes: the “Deluxe” Box for $16.95 and the “Premium” Box for $25.45. We reviewed the Premium box here. Each month expect to receive a box full of unexpected geeky goodies and a guaranteed monthly t-shirt.

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