Sprint Announces Simplified $80 Unlimited Everything Plan with David Beckham


In an effort to offer customers a more simplified smartphone plan, Sprint is launching their All-In plan, an $80 per month plan that includes the cost of renting a smartphone and unlimited talk, text, and data. Sprint and new friend David Beckham are keen to talk up how easy the new plan makes it for Sprint customers, but the reality is more like an arcing Beckham shot — be ready for a curveball.

The All-In plan is made up of a $20 monthly fee for your smartphone and $60 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data, plus a one-time $36 activation fee. Would that we could stop the post there. Unfortunately, there are two major caveats. First and foremost, that $80 doesn’t include taxes and surcharges, so the final bill will be a little less simple than the $20+$60 advertised, and will probably end up being closer to $100 when all is said and done. The other problem is with that unlimited data — Sprint’s network can’t really handle that kind of load, which is why all video will be throttled at 3G speeds (600 Kbps). There are also limits on roaming — your plan could be terminated if you use over half of your minutes or more than 800 minutes while roaming, or if you use a majority of KB of data or over 100 MB while roaming. So, don’t roam.

Still, if you can stay away from video, it’s an unlimited 4G LTE data deal, which is an increasingly rare find. It’s cheaper than the unlimited plan that T-Mobile offers (when device costs are factored in), but it’s more expensive than previous Sprint plans featuring unlimited data. And, with all video being throttled, it’s hard to understand why you’d need to pay for unlimited 4G LTE data in the first place. But, if you can think of a reason, Sprint’s here to remind you that they’re still in the business of unlimited data, even if it’s becoming apparent that the company is struggling to provide that service in a cost-effective way for the company.