Take a Swim with the $99 UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears is going small for their latest speaker, the UE Roll. The 12-ounce speaker takes after many other mini portable Bluetooth speakers, taking on a round shape and adding a strap ideal for hanging the speaker onto bags while traveling.

The UE Roll, like the larger UE Boom, features 360-degree sound and a durable skin that provides IPX7 waterproofing. It’s also shockproof and has waterproof connectors, so you’re safe if you don’t close the little doors on those. The carry strap is marine-grade, so it shouldn’t wear out over time.

The speaker has a 65-foot Bluetooth range and can connect to another UE Roll to amplify your music’s volume. And, despite its size, the speaker gets an impressive nine hours of battery life according to Ultimate Ears.

Unlike a few other portable Bluetooth speakers from this year, the UE Roll can’t float, but you can get a Floatie accessory that will do the trick. You can also get the UE Roll app for iOS and Android, which will let you pair two speakers or turn yours on remotely.

The UE Roll will be available sometime this month for $100 and will come in six color combinations.

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