V-MODA Debuts 3D Custom Printed Headphones

V-MODA is at it again, the brand behind the impeccable Crossfade LP2, Crossfade M-100, and XS is delivering the first custom 3D printed shields. V-MODA is no stranger to customizing headphones, in fact they were one of the first to introduce custom laser engraving years ago. Now, they have just taken it to an entirely new level.

Customers can request a variety of materials including stainless steel, plated, raw and precious metals including rose gold and platinum! Once customers choose the type of materials they want on their custom shield, they can then upload a custom design or select from the list available to them.


Customization doesn’t come cheap and prices range according to the material you choose. If you are a baller and want to go with precious metals as your shield of choice, your custom headphones could range from anywhere to $200 to $40,000 – so you better be committed to that design!

Example of what a Custom Shield Could Cost:

Sterling Silver: $430 for on-ear, $650 for over-ear shield kits; $620 with XS, $900 with Crossfade M-100.

Solid Gold: $4,000-5,500 for on-ear including XS, $9,000-12,800 for over-ear including Crossfade M-100.

Platinum: $12,000-16,000 for on-ear including XS, $27,000-40,000 for over-ear including Crossfade M-100.


V-MODA prides itself on the finest details, and this new technology was born out of their Milan headquarters, where Val Kolton, CEO of V-MODA, oversees a team of designers and engineers who are hard at work meticulously designing headphones, along with crafting new 3D shields. This is truly wearable 3D technology at its finest.

Custom Solid Gold 3D V-MODA Shields
Custom Solid Gold 3D V-MODA Shields

Thankfully, V-MODA is extremely excited to get this new custom 3D technology into the marketplace and will bundle fiber 3D shields with the purchase of a new XS and Crossfade M-100 at the new price of $200 and $270, respectively. Those already with M-100, XS, and LP2 will be able to order custom shields for their headphones as well. Lastly, you can upload your own design with purchase of a headphone or shields from V-MODA.com for no extra charge.