9 Geeky Floaties for Your Next Pool Party

The earth is tilting the other way now, and everyone in the northern hemisphere is getting reacquainted with the pursuit of minimizing time not spent in water or air conditioned rooms. Thanks to the recent slew of waterproof and floating devices, taking a dip doesn’t mean being away from your gadgets, either. Now you just need something to help you float alongside your speaker — and in the age of endless novelty items, you know you’re going to be doing that in geeky style. We’re awash in pop culture floaties ready to bring the best of indoors time out into the pool

Star Trek Captain’s Chair


Engage the waves with the first thing a starfleet captain would have beamed down to a watery planet.

NES Controller


This floating mat is for an afternoon considerably less stressful than a water world from any Mario game of that era.

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