BLOK Cases Protect Your iPad Air 2 From Pretty Much Anything

Tablets might not be on the PC-killer trajectory anymore, with iPad sales tailing off in recent months. But, there’s still a lot of you out there grabbing Apple’s latest tablet, and you might be in the market for a protective case. Logitech hears you, and they got serious about it with their new BLOK line.

BLOK Protective Keyboard Case

BLOK comes in three styles — Shell, Case, and Keyboard. They’re all the same in terms of all-encompassing protection, though. Each case has a squared off design, with soft polymer teeth around the edges that cushion the iPad in case of a fall. There’s an included screen protector, too, and everything is liquid-repellent in case of spills. From there, you have options. The BLOK Shell is your standard tablet case, while the Case adds a kickstand that can be bent into any angle and doubles as a cover. The Keyboard case replaces that kickstand cover with a Bluetooth keyboard that can be separated from the case.

Nothing too fancy, but they’re solidly made cases in a time when the tablet case market isn’t as lucrative as it used to be. The BLOK Shell is available now for $40 and comes in black or teal/blue for both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini. The BLOK Case and the BLOK Keyboard are available for $70 and $130, respectively, and come in black, teal/blue, and red/violet.