Look into this Crystal Ball, It’ll Be Your Smart Home Servant

Now that we have all these smart home devices, we need more products that tie everything together — we’re supposed to be all about cutting down on clutter these days, right? All-in-one is just the kind of device Branto is, a glowing sphere that wants to be your house’s smart hub.

Branto combines home security, a webcam, and a sound system into one device. It does each of those things about as well as your average smart home device, and the combination of security system and webcam is presumed, but for people who really want to save space, the prospect of getting a Bluetooth speaker compatible with internet radio streaming in there could tip the scales.

The security system consists of a 360-degree HD camera (hence the spherical shape), night vision, motion sensors, microphone, its own cellular connectivity, and limited battery power — the latter two are there so no functionality will be lost if the power goes out. Using a Wi-Fi connection (or, if necessary, cellular), you can also use an app to check in on the video feed in real-time to monitor your house. The camera and microphone can turn Branto into a standalone webcam for video calls, too. The people at home won’t be able to see you, but you’ll be able to see and hear them and they’ll be able to hear you through Branto’s speakers.


The speaker system is modest, but if you’re looking for something that saves space more than anything, it’ll serve. Branto is advertising compatibility with internet radio and streaming services like Rdio and Rhapsody, as well.

There isn’t any one thing that Branto excels at — there are far more comprehensive DIY security systems (with more sensors for gases and other environmental hazards) out there and the sound system won’t replace a more robust set of home speakers. But, it’s small and fits in a lot of functionality, and it helps that it looks like something from the future. We don’t know how much Branto will be yet, but if you’re interested, you can reserve one and sign up for email updates on Branto’s website.

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