Made for a Gaming Princess, This Xbox One Controller is Covered in 18-Karat Rose-Gold

This has been a big year for rose gold. We’ve seen in on fitness tracker accessories, high-end smartphones, smartwatches — you name the gadget, we can probably find someone coating it in rose gold. Apparently, that even goes for video game controllers — as of today, you can buy a rose gold plated Xbox One controller. Wrecking scrubs has never been this classy.

ColorWare, pioneers of the custom gadget paint job, are offering the new controller on their site now. Make no mistake, though — this controller isn’t rose gold-colored. It is genuinely covered in 18-karat rose gold, and so demands far more care than is usually given to poor video game controllers. ColorWare did us another solid, too, waiting for the new Xbox One controller with the headphone jack to come out before starting their production run.

ColorWare isn’t going to be pumping these out or whoever wants them. It’s a limited edition controller with a production run of 100, with each unit individually numbered. They’re going for $300 each and ship in three to four weeks — no telling how long these are going to be available, so if you want to get your hands on the most opulent video game controller since the Street Fighter IV arcade stick, you’d better act fast.