Monster iSport Bluetooth SuperSlim In-Ear Headphones Review

Monsters has spent years perfecting and improving their iSport lineup of fitness/exercise headphones. Their latest addition is the Monster iSport SuperSlim in-ear Bluetooth headphones. These svelte earbuds sport a minimalist design with a big punch.

The iSports SuperSlims are so minimalist we’re not even sure what aspect of it is actually “super slim”. They’re definitely slim enough to wear under a cap. The headphones are essentially two earbuds tethered by a short cable about two feet long. They’re Bluetooth, so there’s nothing that has to plug into your phone. On the cable is an inline ControlTalk with volume buttons and a multi-button. With this ControlTalk you can turn SuperSlim on/off, engage pairing mode, control music, control audio, make and take phone calls, and even access Siri and voice commands. On one of the buds there’s a standard micro-USB port hidden behind a rubber flap. This is how you charge the device with the included cable.

The physical earbuds are not so ordinary. As we expected, Monster included a plethora of different silicon ear tips and unique ear hooks. You have five options for silicon ear tip sizes and three options for the ear hook. The ear hook is a stabilizer and really helps you maintain a good fit even through the toughest workouts. It might take some trial and error, but all of these options should ensure a perfect fit.

Sure enough, the Monster iSports do provide a near perfect fit that will persist for every type of exercise. Strangely, it seems these headphones are best not looped behind your neck. I found that the in-ear fit wasn’t as good when the cable pulls them behind your ears. Luckily the cord is adjustable so you can basically strap the iSports tight under your chin. You can run as hard as you like, do push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, you name it. You can even sweat all over these headphones and they’ll stay in-place and be just fine. They’re completely sweat resistant, so don’t hold back!

The battery is rated to last 5+ hours of constant playback. I find it can get me through a week of workouts. It charged with a standard micro-USB cable that’s included. There’s prompts when you’re running short on battery, and you can even see a battery meter on your iPhone.

Wireless headphones are a thing of beauty at the gym. You can keep your phone out of harms way while you jam out and pump iron. With a clear shot, you can use your headphones on the other side of the gym and it will sounds just as good as if your phone is in your pocket. It supports a 30 foot range. Once you turn corners is when your music will probably cut out. The best part is you can still control your music and volume (and order around Siri) from anywhere in the gym.

For exercise headphones jam packed with features, the iSports SuperSlims sound great. As every day headphones we’d say the mids are a little recessed and are lacking on clarity, but at the gym it’s hard to nitpick. They’ve very bassy without being overwhelming. The deep bass depends on the ear tip you choose and how good of a seal it creates inside your ear.

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