Urbana Mini Slim Handbag for iPad Screams Urban Chic

One of the best parts about the growth in luxury devices has been the growth in gorgeous designer handbags to carry them. Moshi was one of the first design houses to specialize in tech-savvy handbags with their Urbana line, which is getting an iPhone 6-friendly entry in the Urbana Mini Slim Handbag.

The Urbana Mini Slim is made from polyester with a leather exterior, which has a polyurethane coating to make the bag water-resistant in case of rain. Inside, there are dedicated tablet (or laptop up to 12″) and smartphone pockets large enough to accommodate an iPad paired with a Bluetooth keyboard case and an iPhone 6 Plus. Given how thin those devices are, the Urbana Mini Slim can hold those and pack in three zippered pockets without taking up much space, remaining small and thin enough to carry comfortably as a handbag, although there is a detachable shoulder strap included.

You should be able to find the Urbana Mini Slim in stores that carry Moshi products in metro black and sky blue colors. It’s a sleek, clean handbag that looks like a great choice if you find yourself with a couple new devices that you need to tote around in style.