Now You Can Buy a Massive 6TB Hard Drive for Your Desktop PC, If You Still Have a Desktop

Just when you think you couldn’t possibly fill up a 2-terabyte hard drive, you suddenly realize you’re getting close to capacity with all the content you need to store these days. PC gamers are running out of space to download every Steam game they own; artists who handle photos and videos (especially 4K ones) cannot have fast enough hard drives while they manipulate files.

Luckily for those with a desktop computer, Western Digital just announced two new 3.5-inch hard drives for its WD Black lineup that have gamers and content creators in mind. Available in 5TB or 6TB, they can work as either a stand-alone drive, or complement your desktop’s solid state drive to significantly bump up storage capacity.

Both capacities feature the same technical innovations: dual-core processor to read/write files twice as quickly as single-core drives, 7200 RPM spin speed, 128 MB cache, SATA 6 gigabits per second (Gb/s) interface, and dual stage actuator technology. In other words, the new WD Black drives are speed demons, especially when compared to its models. According to its press release, “The WD Black 6TB is up to 29% faster than the previous WD Black 4TB version in maximum data rate throughput and 10% faster in PCMark Vantage.”

In addition, the new hard drives also feature StableTrac Technology that reduces the vibrations inside the hard drive to ensure it lasts as long as possible. WD must be very confident with the reliability of its WD Black drives as it is offering an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

While not the most glamorous upgrade you can buy for your rig, having a high performing yet dependable hard drive is definitely a necessity in our increasingly digital world. Both the 5TB and 6TB WD Black hard drives are available now at select retailers and on Western Digital’s online store. The 5TB version is priced at $264 US and for an extra $30, you can grab the 6TB version for $294 US.