AT&T Will Pay DirecTV Subscribers To Switch To Their Wireless Service


Another week, another push from AT&T to get more DirecTV customers into the fold. Now that AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV has been given the green light, the telecom provider is keen on getting as many customers as possible coming to them for TV, wireless, and internet service. Their latest push is directed at DirecTV subscribers getting their wireless from elsewhere, and it involves a pretty sizable bill credit offer.

AT&T is offering a maximum of $500 per line switched over to their wireless service. Like with last week’s promotion, it’s not as valuable as it sounds — of that $500, $200 is a trade-in credit if you bring in an old and qualifying smartphone, while the other $300 you’ll get if you buy a smartphone on one of AT&T’s plans. So, although you’re getting $500 in credit back, you’re also losing the value of the phone you trade in and are paying up for a new device — but, if you buy a decent budget phone from AT&T and trade in something on the low end of what AT&T will allow, you can still come out ahead.

The deal is especially good for families — AT&T will credit $500 (assuming the purchase of a new phone and trade-in of an old) for every line you switch over, so if you have five people in the family, that’s a potential $2,500 back. Granted, you’ll have to work out how much you’re actually getting back for yourself depending on what you’re buying and what you’re trading in, but at worst, it sounds like you’ll be able to trade up to a better phone for free. You’re also looking at more expensive service over time, so that’s something to consider, too.

The deal is available for a ‘limited time’, and is being offered to both DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse subscribers.

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