Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Gets Pricing and Release Date

If you like totting around a tablet for your daily commute, you won’t find another that is lighter than the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets, whether they have an 8-inch or 9.7-inch display, or offer Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity.

With the Wi-Fi-only, 8-inch Tab S2 weighing just 0.59-pounds (9.4oz), and the 9.7-inch at 0.82-pounds (13oz), both tablets feel practically weightless and are surprisingly strong, thanks to their svelte 0.22-inch (5.6mm) metal frames. The LTE-version of the 9.7-inch Tab S2 weights just a touch more at 0.86-pounds.

Just how slim and light are the Samsung tablets compared to their competition? For context, the recently launched 8-inch Asus ZenPad S 8.0 is already quite thin and light at 0.3-inch thick and 0.65-pounds, while the Apple iPad Air 2 with a 9.7-inch screen is just slightly beefier at 0.24-inches thick and 0.96-pounds.

Samsung tab s2

Besides being lightweights, both tablets offer the features that you’d come to expect from Samsung: a great super AMOLED 2K display (at QXGA resolution 2048 x 1536), snappy performance thanks to its own Exynos octa-core processor, and expandable memory with a built-in microSD card slot that accepts up to a 128GB card. In addition, both devices will include 32GB of local storage space so you’ll have plenty of room for all your photos and several movies for your flight or commute, without having to resort to a memory card.

According to Samsung’s internal research, most users are increasingly using their tablets while they watch television at home. With the Tab S2s, you can stream whatever you’re watching on compatible Samsung TVs to these tablets (via a proprietary Bluetooth connection). You can also ‘throw’ whatever you’re watching on the tablet to your TV (even if it isn’t made by Samsung). While this sounds like a handy feature in theory, we’ll have to see it really works in a more detailed review.

Samsung pair

If you’re a fan of SideSync, then you’ll be happy to know the Tab S2s will let you control your smartphone through your Samsung tablet so that you can pickup calls and respond to text messages, even if you left your phone in another room. Likewise, if you have the SideSync app installed on your computer, you can also control your Samsung tablet with your computer mouse and keyboard.

All variants of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2s will be available in stores starting September 3. The Wi-Fi-only versions will come in black, white and gold; the 8-inch display will retail for $400, while the 9.7-inch display will cost $500.

If you prefer a 9.7-inch tablet that can hop onto the LTE network, all the carriers will be carrying the larger 9.7-inch Tab S2 this fall. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular will be retailing the black version with various pricing plans, while Verizon will be the only carrier to offer the tablet in white.