Speck’s First Backpack Knocks it Out of the Park

In our never-ending search for the perfect backpack, it seems there is no happy medium between the ultra-protective behemoth that makes us look like a hitch-hiker, and the oh-so-fashionable backpack that lacks sufficient pockets.

Speck, the popular mobile case maker, must have heard our complaints as its new line of MightyPack backpacks check all our boxes for the ideal backpack.

Both the MightyPack and MightyPack Plus are relatively slim in profile, yet offer plenty of compartments to maximize what you can carry on your back. We particularly like the handy “Tech Pocket” that is located at the top of the backpack. With a protective foam cover and a vegan-fur-lined interior, this compartment can easily house an interchangeable lens camera or headphones that you need to access quickly.

There is also no shortage of pockets of any size in these backpacks. Speck has allotted space for everything from your portable battery (practically a necessity these days), stylus, notebook, to even your sunglasses (you can stash them temporarily on the backpack strap). When you’re on a crowded subway train or bus, you can also shrug off the backpack by undoing one of the straps with a snap. The company has even created slots for your wires to thread between compartments, in the event you need to charge your devices or listen to music while on-the-go.

A padded pocket at the back can accommodate up to a 15-inch laptop, as well as a tablet in front. It doesn’t hurt that the bottom of the backpack contains triple-layer foam so your devices should be well-protected from accidental drops. With all the emphasis on carrying various gadgets though, this backpack doesn’t leave a lot of extra space for books, so if you’re looking for a book bag, this design might not work for you.

If you’re a young professional who travels frequently and go through TSA security regularly, you should splurge for the $100 MightyPack Plus backpack as it is TSA-compatible, which means you can keep your laptop inside your bag during security screening. However, if you’re a student who won’t do much traveling anyway, the $80 MightyPack offers all the same features (except for the TSA-compatible part), making it the more budget-friendly version for school.

Available in black, blue and magenta, you can find both the MightyPack and MightyPack Plus on Speck’s website today