Speedo Shine is a Wearable for Swimmers

Swimmers are finally getting some love from fitness trackers: The cute-as-a-button MisFit Shine is teaming up with Speedo to create Speedo Shine, an all-round activity tracker that is customized for serious swimming. After all, “One of the most difficult parts of swimming for fitness is keeping track of laps,” according to brand ambassador and Olympic Gold Medalist Missy Franklin, “and the Speedo Shine eliminates that challenge.”

While you can already swim laps with the current MisFit Shine (it is waterproof up to 50 meters), the current device lacks the ability to track data specific to swimming, beyond the general distance swam or the number of calories burned.

The new Speedo Shine, on the other hand, has a proprietary lap counting algorithm built-in to track the exact number of laps you’ve done, and can differentiate between your butterfly from your back stroke so it knows when you’re swimming versus just hitting the gym. For these reasons, Shine users who swim should consider upgrading to the Speedo Shine if they want more accurate information about their underwater workouts. They won’t lose their existing fitness data either as they can just link the new Speedo Shine to their account, according to a MisFit rep.

Beyond the pool, the Speedo Shine it is an all-round activity tracker that makes for a great cross training companion. It captures data when you’re walking, running, cycling, and even while you’re sleeping. Powered by a watch battery that lasts for up to 6 months of use, it does not require regular charging like most devices these days. And yes, it almost goes without saying the Speedo Shine will be just as waterproof and durable as the Shine as they’re made of the same aircraft-grade aluminum.

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Since the Speedo Shine has no built-in display, you need to sync the device to an app to check on your progress. You can sync the Speedo Shine to both the MisFit app (iOS and Android), as well as the Speedo Fit app for more personalized swim tracking when it becomes available. The MisFit app will show your performance within the pool (laps and swim distance), the calories you burned and points earned, and your overall fitness in terms of your sleep cycle and other activities.

Available in a new light silver color called Pure, the swimming-oriented activity tracker won’t be hitting stores until September 1. The Speedo Shine will be on shelves at Apple stores, misfit.com and SpeedoUSA.com for $80.