Ungaro Announces Vibrating Notifications On Your Finger Because a Smart Ring is Forever

Last time we checked in with Omate around this time last year, they were coming out with the Omate X, designed to be a fashionable smartwatch. It was fashionable for the time, but in light of what’s come after in the world of fashionable tech, it looks pretty pedestrian in hindsight. Omate is hoping that their newest wearable, a smart ring made in partnership with French design firm Emanuel Ungaro, will better stand the test of time.

The choice to move to a smart ring reflects one increasingly popular interpretation of the wearable — that unlike smartphones, wearables should have only a few carefully chosen features, designed to not attract too much attention to themselves. We’ve seen this idea implemented in programmable wearables that only send you notifications from apps or contacts that you specify — Tyia and Ditto, for example.

This Ungaro ring might be taking things a little too far. The ring will only vibrate (no light or sound) when a single designated contact sends you anything, be it a call, text message, or social media message. That’s simple, I guess, but I don’t think it’s a good reflection of how people actually live unless your significant other forbids you
from having contact with anyone else, ever. Seems silly to say, but important messages can come from a lot of people. It seems unlikely anyone would want to narrow down notifications to just one person.

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The good news is that the partnership with Emanuel Ungaro has resulted in a more stylish product, if a bit ostentatious. The ring itself is large, paired with an equally large inset gemstone. The ring can be ordered in gold or silver, while you have your choice of blue topaz, opalite, onyx, sapphire, and ruby for the gemstone. The ring will be assembled by the Richline Group, a prominent player specializing in jewelry tech, in a workshop in Arezzo, Italy. It will go on sale through them in November for between $500 and $2,000.