5 Smartwatches Coming Soon That You’ll Actually Want

IFA 2015 is in full swing, and one of the biggest stories here has been the new and improved smartwatches coming out of some of the major players in the market. It’s a big story not necessarily because these devices are compelling — some are, some aren’t — but because we’re getting insight into where this new market is headed in the near future. After all, you can’t add too many more features to a device that is being sold as something that makes you pay less attention to technology — manufacturers need to find other ways to get consumers’ attention and sell more gadgets. If the new field we’re seeing at IFA is any indication, the answer is fashion — luxury watch manufacturers have been updating their product lines with new looks for decades, and it looks like the smartwatch industry is ready to follow suit.



Moto 360

Of the four, the Moto 360 looks like it’s the best example of this idea. We talk about the new generation of the Moto 360 in detail here, but suffice it to say that technical upgrades and new features aren’t a big part of the marketing push. Instead, it’s all about the new looks and designs for this year, including a smaller model made for women that supports thinner bands. Put that together with new metal and leather bands and a new, on-trend rose gold color for the women’s Moto 360, and you’ve got a solid collection. Tech wasn’t totally on the sidelines, though — new Live Dials will act as tiny widgets for smartwatch apps, and let’s not forget that the Moto 360, as an Android Wear device, also now works with iPhones — at least a little.

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