Cold Feet? There’s a Connected Insole For That

Anything and everything can be connected these days — even your insoles. After their CES debut, French company Digitsole showed up at IFA 2015 with a new and improved heated insole that can be controlled from a smartphone app, something that should make winter a lot more tolerable this year.

Application Screenshot

Like so many great gadgets, Digitsole is wonderfully simple. Their Warm Series of insoles have built-in heating pads that can be turned off and on and adjusted using a smartphone app. They’re also IPx5-certified waterproof, so if you have to slosh around in heavy rain, these should save you from the torment of wet, cold socks. While they were it at, Digitsole also threw in a few basic motion sensors to track steps taken and distance traveled, giving these insoles fitness tracker functionality.

This isn’t just a gimmick insole, though. Digitsole has designed their insoles to be supportive and healthy for your feet, adding an extra cushion in the heel to help absorb shock, plus arch support and side walls to help keep your feet stable. The insoles are also pretty flexible, keeping them comfortable if you need to do a lot of walking.

The second generation of Digitsole insoles will be available in parts of Europe, North America, and Asia in October and will sell for $200/€200.