Jawbone Changes Up the Design of the UP2 and UP3, Adds New Colors

It’s no secret that Jawbone has been dealing with some issues lately, but it’s good to see that their fitness trackers aren’t being neglected in the meantime. The premium UP3 and the low-cost UP2 are getting new designs for the fall season, including 10 new colors spread across both the UP2 and UP3, some with more stylish, redesigned clasps.

The new designs have Yves Behar’s fingerprint on them, and look much more stylish than the previous models. The main difference is in the clasps — they were on the plain side before, but now there are several new options that have thinner, more jewelry-like looks to them. It’s a nice look — not something overly luxurious that you wouldn’t want to wear on a daily basis, the designs are more fun and sporty on the fashionable side, especially with the bright colors being introduced.

The new UP2 colors include Turquoise Circle, Oat Spectrum, Gunmetal Hex, Orchid Circle, and Black Diamond. There’s also a new Violet Circle color, but that one uses the old clasp. The UP3 adds Indigo Twist, Ruby Cross, Sand Twist, and Teal Cross colors, but still use the old UP3 clasps.


Fortunately, Jawbone is improving both form and function. The UP2, UP3, and UP4 all have firmware updates available today which add two huge and long overdue features — passive heart rate monitoring and automatic sleep detection. Instead of only being able to take your resting heart rate, you can take it continuously, while with automatic sleep detection, you’ll no longer need to manually tell your tracker that you’re going to sleep. Most other fitness trackers at the same price range as the UP series have had these features for a while, but it’s great news if you’re already an UP owner.

In addition to the firmware update, the new colors and designs are available as of today. The UP2 will sell for $100, while the UP3 is available for $180 — but the Sand Twist color is a Best Buy exclusive and the Teal Cross color is a Target exclusive.