Microsoft Wireless All-in-One Media Keyboard Review

Ever want to get a little more portable with your mouse and keyboard? The new Microsoft Wireless All-in-One Media Keyboard is a very handy and comfortable addition to your living room couch, conference room, or even your desk. The All-in-One Media keyboard is full size keyboard complete with a multi-touch trackpad and media controls. It’s not just compatible with computers, but also gaming systems, TVs, and media devices. Once you find your ideal setting for this keyboard, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

My personal favorite use for a device like Microsoft’s All-in-One Media keyboard is for the living room. We’ve all been in the situation where we’re using a remote with arrow keys to log in, register, or search. And wow, is it frustrating! Even using your phone to do this can sometimes be cumbersome. The Microsoft All-in-One is a lightweight, comfortable, practical, and durable solution. It’s built to last and even has a spill-resistent design. Pick it up, and hold it in your hand while you take care of all of your mouse and keyboard needs! Microsoft knows what goes on in your living room, so they also made it capable of withstanding the occasional sit-on.

The keyboard weighs a bit over a pound and has a really nice profile. The edges are all rounded and smoothed out. The keys are similar to Apple’s chicklet keys and are pretty comfortable to type on. They’re regular sized keys too, so you should have no problem getting used to the keyboard. All the usual keys are there along with media keys that double as F-keys. There’s also customizable hotkeys, dedicated volume buttons, and a left-click button for your left hand. The built-in trackpad is a really nice size and supports multi-touch. You can tap to click or there’s right and left click buttons.

The All-in-One is powered by two AAA batteries and comes with a little USB dongle for connecting to computers or compliant devices. The USB dongles makes a wireless connection that works up to 30 feet away. Most devices will recognize it as a regular mouse and keyboard, meaning it will work with almost any device that you can hook up a mouse and keyboard to. It’s perfect for Smart TVs, gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4, Raspberry Pis, computers of all types, and even Mac Minis!

This Microsoft All-in-One keyboard is a lifesaver in the living room, but it’s also just a really handy device to have around. Handy is the right word because it’s really comfortable and easy to hold it while you use it. There’s grips on the bottom so you can also use it like you would a regular keyboard. The batteries aren’t rechargeable, but it feels like they last forever. I like to do presentations with this keyboard, I use it to remotely skip through slideshows and do some hands-on web demos. It’s also nice to quickly plug into your Smart TV or gaming system just to get through that ad-hoc registration or complicated search. There’s actually a bunch of devices like this in existence, but we had a really good experience with Microsoft’s. Pricing in at $38.99, it’s a pretty great buy. The Microsoft All-in_One Media Keyboard(N9Z-00001) is currently available from Amazon.com.

Good: Easy to use and set up, Durable, Good Range, Great compatibility, Trackpad works really well, Conveniently placed left click trigger and volume buttons, Battery lasts a very long time
Bad: Not rechargeable, No backlight