One of Our Favorite Wearables Just Got a Pink Edition

When Withings launched the Activité Pop at CES earlier this year, we thought the color options were pretty neutral and understated. It looks like Withings is set to bring a little more pop to the Pop at IFA 2015, introducing a bright coral pink color option for the fitness tracker.

The Withings Activité line stands apart from the rest of the wearable crowd by taking a regular analog watch and equipping it with a few motion sensors that allow it to serve as a basic Bluetooth-connected fitness tracker. Initially, the Activité was launched as a luxury device, with the Pop coming later, introducing a more exercise-friendly silicone band and a waterproof exterior. Using the Withings Health Mate app, you can set fitness goals and check your progress by looking at a small dial set inside the analog watch face.

The coral pink Pop will be a Best Buy exclusive and should arrive in stores as soon as this week, priced at $150 like the rest of the Pop line. It’s a much different look for the Activité Pop, which is great news for a unique product that might have gone overlooked by many who prefer brighter, more sporty color options.