Stella Artois Comes Out With Designer Draught Unit for Cozy Bars

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs here without keeping you informed about the very latest in booze technology, so it’s our duty to let you know that Stella Artois has created a sleek, gorgeous mini draught unit with the help of industrial designer Marc Thorpe. It’s being marketed to small businesses, but hey, anything is being marketed to you as long as you have the cash and, in this case, the thirst.

The Stella Artois Nova is an espresso machine-looking countertop unit done up in a smooth, silvery finish. The unit is self-contained and much smaller than the usual full-on draught systems used in your neighborhood bars. Instead, this machine is for smaller venues (and perhaps your home bar), allowing for draught-quality beer without taking up a ton of space. The unit contains a cooler, a compressor, and space for bottles of draught beer. And, unlike the environmental catastrophe that is the K-Cup, the draught bottles made for use with the Nova are made of recyclable materials.

And, that’s pretty much it. Once you get the unit on a counter and plug it in, you’re ready to start pouring. Just make sure you have the whole Stella Artois pouring system down, or your shiny new draught system will be for nothing. So, how can you get one? You’ll have to hit up your local Anheuser-Busch wholesaler to find out, so brace yourself.

UPDATE 09/14/2015: Unfortunately, a representative has informed us that you must be the holder of a liquor license to get your hands on this guy. If you’re looking for something for your home bar, you’ll still need to look to something like Draftmark.