Timex Latest Watch Doubles as a Fitness Tracker and We Approve

Last year, Timex became one of many traditional watchmakers to jump into wearable technology, releasing the Ironman One GPS+ in partnership with Qualcomm. That watch ended up being a tough sell — it was a standalone device that uploaded data to an app over a 4G connection, meaning it wasn’t a smartphone companion and couldn’t get notifications. The new Metropolitan+ is more mainstream, using a Bluetooth connection to communicate with your smartphone and the companion app.

Timex is being blunt about what they want to do with their new watch — the Metropolitan+ is part of their new Connected Style Collection, taking advantage of Timex’ signature style to make inroads in the wearable market. The watch’s looks are the most interesting part of the deal, too — otherwise, it’s a standard fitness tracker, recording steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned while receiving notifications over a Bluetooth connection. It’s on the cheap side, though, so don’t expect high-end fitness tracker features like continuous heart rate monitoring.


The Metropolitan+ will come in two styles — sporty and faux-professional. The former has a black case with orange accents on the face, while the other has a silver finish with red accents on the face. The former can be paired with a black silicone strap or an orange nylon strap, while the latter comes with a black textured leather strap. Both have quick-release connectors, so you can change out straps as you see fit. The watch faces look the same besides the accent colors, and include a separate dial that tracks fitness data.


Otherwise, that fitness data will be pushed to the Timex Connected app, where you can view stats, record your workouts, and ping your watch. We’re not sure whether or not the Metropolitan+ can be used with any other fitness app, but we’ll update this post if we receive that information.

Both styles will be available from Timex sometime in October. The Metropolitan+ with the silver finish will sell for $125, while the style with the black finish will sell for $150. The Timex Connected app is available for iOS and Android.