24 Incredible 3D-Printed Objects

We are aware of the artificiality — it’s hard to justify narrowing the world of 3D printing down to 22 products when the limit to 3D printing approaches the limits of the imagination. There’s a whole universe (Thingiverse, whatever) of things you can print yourself as long as you’ve already done the hardest part of 3D printing — buying a home printer, the necessary materials, and a computer powerful enough to process the design files. If you haven’t, well, there’s a good chance someone out there is willing to take money to print out whatever you want — including some people on this list.

Prosthetic Dog Legs


Unconventional, but we’ll lead off with our favorite — this story about a dog named Derby born with underdeveloped front limbs warmed our hearts thanks to 3D printed limbs. The prosthetic legs helped Derby run for the first time in his life. Dogs aren’t the only animals benefiting from 3D printing, either — creatures from cats to toucans are being given new lives by custom-made 3D-printed prosthetics, and we haven’t even gotten to what the technology is doing for human health yet.

Cable Management Hive


User Juanfly on Thingiverse created a pattern for a cable management hive that rivals anything we’ve seen. As is, the pattern has ten hexagonal chambers that can hold folded up cables, but we imagine you could probably tweak the design and knock out the backs if you wanted to run cables through it, instead.

Toothpaste Roller


Could you just buy a toothpaste roller? Sure, I guess, but once you have a 3D printer, you’ll look for any excuse to use it. Deviator2x‘s design is as good as any out there in the 3D printed world.

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