Dress Your iPhone 6S for Success with These 14 Awesome Cases

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are both out, and you can use your old iPhone 6/6 Plus case with them! But, that doesn’t involve any much-needed accessory retail therapy, and besides, why would you put an old case on that shiny new phone? A new phone is always a good excuse for a new case as far as we’re concerned, and it doesn’t hurt that loads of designers and accessory makers have been hard at work bringing out new lines of cases for the iPhone 6s release. We’ll celebrate along with them by bringing you are very favorite iPhone 6s cases — some from the iPhone 6 era and some brand new ones that we’re excited about.

X-Doria Defense Lux


Dual-layer protection is nothing new, but X-Doria takes it one step further. In addition to a soft, shock-absorbent inner layer and a hard polycarbonate exterior, the Defense Lux cases feature a machined aluminum bumper frame and button covers, making it one of the toughest cases you can get for your new iPhone. It’s not the most elegant case out there, but if you want a protective case that protects, look no further. You can get the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus case for $60, and both come in silver or black or with black or brown leather backs.

Mayan Case


Mayan Case has been doing their thing since the iPhone 5 era, but they’re a new discovery for us. Their plastic cases are adorned with fabric backs handmade in Guatemala using traditional Mayan weaving methods and designs. The company is based in Guatemala, with the money made going back to the artisans creating the woven fabric for these cases. It’s not charity, though — we saw some of their designs at IFA last month, and they look fantastic. Mayan Case is still in the process of expanding to more retailers in the United States, but you can find some of their cases on Amazon for around $25.

Oaxis inkCase i6


Doesn’t get much more useful than the inkCase i6 — instead of just sitting there on the back of your phone, this case gives you an e-ink display that connects to your phone over Bluetooth. You can use it to display notifications, the weather, time, battery status, fitness stats, or eBooks, if you want to get some mobile reading done on a screen that’s easier on the eyes. But, that means the inkCase i6 is on the expensive side — you can preorder one now from Oaxis for $100. We’ve been waiting on this case since March, so we’re happy to see that preorders have gotten underway and shipping is set for this November.

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