Bobine Apple Watch Dock by Fuse Chicken Review

If you’re looking for some flexible standing options for your Apple Watch, this is it. The Bobine Watch Dock by Fuse Chicken is as flexible as it gets while still providing a sturdy dock for your Watch.

The Bobine Watch Dock is not much more than 24 inches of flexible metal. One end contains housing for your Watch charger, and the other end just has a plastic cap. While it doesn’t sound like much, the Bobine offers a bunch of elegant and sturdy stand options for your Apple Watch. It take a little bit of trial and error to figure out the best option for you and your watch. Fuse Chicken also includes adhesive clips intended for mounting Bobine in your car, but these clips could be used for a lot of things.

The most basic stand is made by wrapping the end of Bobine once or twice in a circle, and setting it on the surface with the charging head sticking up like a snake. In this setting you can tilt the head any which way so that it mounts your watch exactly how you like it. The ideal setting will depend on your watch, the band, and its weight. Now with WatchOS2, you can dock your watch horizontally for nightstand mode.

There’s not a lot to the Bobine, and yet it’s one of the coolest watch stands. The only thing we think it’s missing is a cord management solution. It comes with clips to mount it in a car, but it should have come with clips so that the cord could wrap along with Bobine. With that said, it’s meant to be a creative stand, it’s not too hard to figure out an elegant solution.

Pricing in at $24.95 from Amazon.com, we’d surely say the Bobine is one of the best watch stand options out there…the flexibility goes a long way considering everyone’s watches vary so much by size, band, and style.

Good: Flexible, Sturdy, Dash stabilizer clips for car mount , Lots of mounting options
Bad: No cord management, No charger included