Dress Like a Disney Princess With These 22 Halloween Costumes

Lately, Halloween has managed to do what we once thought only Showgirls was capable of — make sexy boring. What was supposed to be a pageant of creativity (and, uh, something involving kids and candy, I forget) at parties across the nation has now become a cavalcade of cheap derivative two-piecers — if you go by what a Google search of Halloween costumes says, anyway. We know there are plenty of creative people out there making costumes actually befitting a princess these days, making awesome stuff for all price ranges. Whatever your budget, there’s something here that will get you looking like Disney royalty this Halloween.

Snow White


For as low as $28, you can get this ‘sassy’ Snow White costume. I’m not sure why it’s sassy, other than the look on the model’s face and because I guess sassy is a good keyword — the main thing is that it’s a serviceable classic Snow White costume made of polyester. To our extreme surprise and disappointment, it would appear that the apple is not included.


But, if you’re good friends with the long-lost eighth dwarf, Money, you can check out this gorgeous satin Snow White dress from Etsy shop BbeautyDesigns. Made of bridal satin, this full-length dress is a stunner. Every piece is handmade and takes 8-10 weeks to ship, so this is one you’ll have to put to sleep until Halloween 2016.



One of the best ways to save a little cash on costumes come Halloween is to get something that looks great without being Disney-certified merch. This mermaid costume will make a great Ariel, even if you’ll need to grab one of the many red wigs suggested alongside it. If you’re already a bright red, this one can cost you as little as $52.


To be clear, we’re not against sexy here — just against bland costumes predicated on a wack definition of the word. Instead, we like this creative foam seashell bra as a good foundation for an Ariel costume. The bra is pretty faithful to the design of the real (animated) thing, with small and medium pearls and colorful crystals giving it a little more pop.

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