Connected Bracelet For Teens Has a Special Secret Handshake

Apparently secret handshakes didn’t have enough layers of complexity for some. A new charm-type bracelet called Gemio is out to add a light show to those arcane series of fist bumps, slaps, facial gestures, and whatever else goes into the ritual these days.


Gemio is a connected bracelet, but Apple Watch for teens (also known as the Apple Watch) this isn’t. It’s band with a series of LED lights that can be covered up by faux gems or Hot Topic-inspired alternative tiles, all interchangeable. Those lights can be programmed as notifications using a Bluetooth connection, but they won’t be communicating with smartphones. Instead, these bracelets can be paired with other Gemio bracelets — once paired with a friend’s, you can assign a flashing light pattern to play whenever the two are within Bluetooth range of each other.

Cool, I guess, but adding more secrecy to your handshake is why we’re really here. It’s also possible to assign flashing light patterns to gestures, including gestures of considerable complexity, as the foremost preteen security protocol tends to be. So, if someone knows the secret handshake but their bracelet doesn’t light up, kids will know they have an impostor and/or spy in their midst. A common problem.

Gemio Gem Designer

Designing and assigning light patterns is done in the Gemio Design Studio App, where kids can manage their bracelets (and their bracelet relationships) while sharing any particularly inspired patterns they’ve managed to come up with.

We’re not sure how much Gemio will retail for, but preorders will start sometime in November. Once Gemio ships, the team behind the bracelet plans on releasing seasonal gems and tiles that can be purchased separately to provide more customization options.